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The Olympic Club is a San Francisco, California, U.S.A. athletic club with three golf courses and a long history in aquatic sports. It sponsors and organizes the annual Trans Tahoe Relays. The club's main City Clubhouse is located in downtown San Francisco. The club's Lakeside Clubhouse is located just north of the city's border with Daly City. The United States Golf Association recognizes the Olympic Club as one of the first 100 golf clubs established in the United States.


The City Clubhouse is located at 524 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102; +1 (415) 345-5100.


First named the "San Francisco Olympic Club", it is the oldest athletic club in the United States, established on May 6, 1860. In 1992, the Club set up the Winged "O" Foundation, which changed its name to The Olympic Club Foundation in 2002. Its purpose is to fund youth sports programs which primarily target less advantaged youth who live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trans Tahoe Relay Video[edit]

Trans Tahoe Relay[edit]


From Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada to Skylandia Beach in Lake Forest, California in Lake Tahoe


Name Paul Carter, Race Director, and Laureen Welting, Race Manager

Email pcarter@olyclub.com

2012 Trans Tahoe Race Committee[edit]

Safety Coordinator - Phyllis Quinn
Rules Chairman - Mike Keck
Communications Liaison - Bart Lally
Open Water Commissioner - Todd Arris
Open Water Deputy Commissioner - Katie Lyons
Committee Member - Greg Meyer
Committee Member - Gary Crook

Trans Tahoe Relay Awards[edit]

The Trans Tahoe Relay gives the following awards that are presented at the WOWSA Talks

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