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Maui, Molokai and Lanai in Hawaii was nominated for the 2019 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year category]] The Eyes Trilogy]] crossing]] Castaic Lake, California]] Rebecca Mann (born 26 November 1997) is an 22-year-old American pool and open water swimmer. She grew up in Homer Glen, Illinois and is currently a student-athlete at USC in Los Angeles, California.

2019 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination[edit]

Mann's Maui Nui Swim was nominated for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award as follows:

The Maui Nui Swim, a non-stop cross-current triple ocean channel swim between the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai, had last been attempted 30 years ago and never been successfully completed. 21-year-old Becca Mann, a published author and world-class pool and marathon swimmer with national and international titles under her cap, was looking for a totally new challenge – and the Maui Nui met all her parameters. With a highly veteran escort and support crew alongside her, Mann set off from Maui on the 57.78 km course with loads of excitement and a bit of innocence as to what she was about to experience. While she had finished 6th in the USA Swimming national 10K championships earlier in the year, she was swimming well beyond anything she had ever done before in the deep blue waters of Hawaii. Rough water, strong winds and changing currents relentlessly battered her about as her confidence waned a bit, but Mann kept going with a focused mindset and completed the Maui Nui in 20 hours 53 minutes. For completely an unprecedented ocean course in Hawaii, for swimming over 3 times as long as she had ever done before in the Pailolo, Kalohi and Auau Channels, and for finishing 4th overall in Waikiki Roughwater Swim only two weeks later, the Maui Nui Swim by Becca Mann of the USA is a worthy nominee for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

2014 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships[edit]

2012 USA Swimming National Championships[edit]


Mann is the author of the The Stolen Dragon of Quanx, the first book in The Eyes Trilogy, a fantasy series aimed at tweens.

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